Looking for Ligamec Corp?  We purchased Ligamec in January 2023.  See the press release here

Big Kahuna Raptor 50 

​An affordable, high quality 50 BMG upper receiver for the AR-15 platform


Single Shot 50 BMG Upper

Compatible with any AR-15 Lower

We supply a new hammer for you to install. 

Choose your barrel length    

Barrel lengths available in 18.5, 22, 29, and 30 inches.

8 Port Muzzle Brake

Reduces the recoil of the large caliber 50 BMG round.

Compatible with AR-15 lower

Easy to assemble

High Quality

We machine most of our own parts to control quality

Featuring Lothar Walther Barrels

We use Lothar Walther barrels for the best accuracy and consistency.

Optional 20 MOA Rail

For shooting long distance 500+ yards