Big Kahuna Industries acquires Ligamec Corporation

High quality and product expansion are top priorities, as Big Kahuna Industries acquires Ligamec Corporation maker of 50 BMG upper receiver

Timothy Francisco, President of Big Kahuna Industries, said, “We are looking forward to building upon the high quality and reputation of Ligamec Corporation. The ability to have an affordable 50 BMG in every household is our goal.”

The recent acquisition of Ligamec Corporation is in line with Big Kahuna Guns strategy of providing an affordable option for any individual wanting to have a firearm in this category – for hunting or fun. They look to expand their product line and accessories, while maintaining the high quality and value customers have experienced with the 50 BMG AR-15 upper receiver. 

Marcos Ruiz, President of Ligamec Corporation said, “After 20 years of machining, I look forward to retirement and traveling the world in my expedition vehicle.” 

Big Kahuna Guns is a family owned and operated company serving the United States.

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